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Balloon sinuplasty is a well-regarded procedure for patients with chronic sinusitis and the latest trend in sinus surgery advances. The minimally invasive procedure involves dilating the openings of the major nasal sinuses. Whether it’s some or all 3 of them, this dilation enables the nasal passages to be cleared and drained. But it is still a procedure. Minimally invasive or not, a procedure is a procedure. Take the extra time to make sure it’s what you need to be 100%.

The field of medicine has moved toward less intrusive diagnostic procedures with a sick patient’s body. On a practical level, that means cutting into the skin or other connective tissues in the body. Fewer invasive procedures means reducing the blood tests, the endoscopies, and biopsies. It means your body can focus on healing the parts that need to heal.

Holistic care is important for this reason. That’s why it’s important to examine a few things about your sinusitis before considering a balloon sinuplasty procedure

What’s your history of sinus infections?

A patient’s history is the most important part of a doctor’s diagnosis. What is totally normal for one person is completely peculiar to another. Doctors will normally ask about the severity & frequency of a patient’s symptoms. “Chronic” means different things to different people:

  • Every day
  • Every month
  • Every autumn

“Can’t breathe” is a subjective, human term that an E.N.T. must qualify with respect to:

  • Relative sinus inflammation
  • Diameter of patient’s frontal recess
  • Size of a patient’s turbinates

Getting a highly detailed case history is important in order for your physician to correctly weigh the right options about long-term health effects of performing the procedure. 

Have any preventative measures been successful?

Balloon sinuplasty is a minimally invasive procedure with little to no recovery time. Regardless, doctors know that the easiest way to stop the problem is by allowing it to never start. A comprehensive view of your long-term wellness will demonstrate what measures have kept the problem from appearing to begin with.

Correcting a simple oversight in a patient’s conditions eliminates the need to go through balloon sinuplasty. Sometimes, it’s as simple as increasing your nutritional intake. Other times, using alternative & complementary remedies, like using a neti pot with distilled water, can reduce some of your sinusitis symptoms. Whether it’s proactive or reactive, prevention can be a great way to keep your breathing open.

Do you have any allergies?

Houston’s humid climate increases that nationwide average of 20% given all the year-round allergens in the air. As a result, there are a lot more than 1.5 million allergy sufferers in the greater Houston area with stopped-up noses. With the prevalence of obstructed airways, it’s common for allergic rhinitis to be confused with chronic sinusitis. Providing the wrong solution for the wrong problem can overly complicate something that shouldn’t have to be so.

That’s why we like to ensure that allergy sufferers are identified. In the same way that preventative measures can assist with diminishing the severity & frequency of a patient’s symptoms, reducing or removing a patient’s potential allergens could determine a patient’s treatment.

Are You Ready for Balloon Sinuplasty?

After removing simpler, more cost-effective solutions from your treatment options, we can consider that the severity of your chronic sinusitis merits balloon sinuplasty. At the Pasha Sinus & Snoring Center, we take into account the whole health of our patient. As such, we have to have longer, more in-depth conversations with a patient about their health. When it comes to balloon sinuplasty, there is no cutting or loss of nasal tissues or bone, so the recovery time is short. Despite the fact that it’s a safe procedure, we think it’s important to incorporate the simple notion that a patient is connected to their entire body. After you’ve ruled out your medical history, any preventative measures, or seasonal allergy symptoms, then it makes sense to look at getting balloon sinuplasty done.

A doctor’s laser-focused problem-solving has needed to think a little more broadly for a while. Thankfully, the shift in the thinking of the field is happening. Taking a wider view of a patient, their history, and their symptoms will assist an ENT in whittling down the variables about how to pursue treatment. However, we, as doctors, can make better long-term decisions about our patients’ health if we do so.

Is your nose congested all the time? Have you searched your soul for solutions with no stopping to being stopped up? We’ve got plenty of options for you. Help your nose take back its airway (so you can breathe freely and easily). Visit ENT specialist, Dr.Pasha, for a balloon sinuplasty consultation. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more updates!

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