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For some people, CPAP machines, BiPAP machines and other sleep apnea devices aren’t the right choice. Their size, feeling and noise tend to make some people uncomfortable, including experiencing dry and sore throat or even feeling claustrophobic. 

Luckily, other options exist for treating your sleep apnea.

Inspire® is an FDA-approved device that treats the root cause of sleep apnea without clunky masks or noisy machines. In this blog, we’ll go over all your questions, so you can weigh the Inspire sleep apnea pros and cons for yourself.

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What Is Inspire Sleep Apnea Innovation?

Let’s talk about Inspire for sleep apnea and how it works. 

Inspire is a CPAP alternative in the form of a tiny device that functions inside your body as you sleep. A physician inserts this device during a quick and easy outpatient visit. 

Before you close your eyes to fall asleep, you simply click a button on a remote to start the Inspire process. The device opens your airway, allowing for better breathing and more peaceful sleep.

How Does Inspire Help With Sleep Apnea?

Once you turn it on via remote, Inspire helps with sleep apnea through a breathing sensor that can tell when you’re taking breaths. It then stimulates the base of the tongue to widen the airway and help you breathe — and therefore sleep — better.

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Who Qualifies for Inspire?

You might qualify for the Inspire implant if you fall under these categories:

  • Are over age 18
  • Struggle with moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea
  • Cannot obtain consistent benefits from or tolerate CPAP and BiPAP machines
  • Are not significantly overweight

Talk to your doctor today to see if you qualify for Inspire.

What Is the Inspire Sleep Apnea Innovation Process?

If you qualify for Inspire, you’ll meet with an Inspire-trained doctor who will create a customized care plan for you. After an initial consultation and airway exam, you’ll be ready for the same-day, minimally invasive surgery to insert Inspire.

Your doctor will administer general anesthesia and create two tiny incisions under your chin and collarbone. They’ll then place the Inspire device beneath the skin. The device has three main components:

  • A small programmable pulse generator
  • A breathing sensor lead 
  • A stimulator lead

After five to seven weeks, you’ll be healed and ready to start using your Inspire implant. Your doctor will activate the device and train you on using the remote. They’ll schedule follow-up visits to optimize the device’s settings and make sure everything works as it should.

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Is Inspire for Sleep Apnea Safe?

You might wonder about the safety of this new sleep apnea device. If so, you can rest assured.

Inspire is FDA-approved, and if you qualify, it should be a safe way to deal with your obstructive sleep apnea. However, you should always undergo a full evaluation with your doctor to determine whether Inspire is right for you.

What Is the Inspire Recovery Process Like?

Your personal recovery time after Inspire insertion varies. 

Expect some discomfort and swelling, especially under the jaw, that should last only a couple of weeks at most. Your doctor may prescribe you over-the-counter pain medication to deal with this discomfort if needed. You can resume normal, nonstrenuous activities just a few days after the insertion and should fully recover within a few weeks.

After five to seven weeks, you’ll return to your doctor’s office to activate and learn how to use your Inspire implant.

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What Is the Inspire Sleep Apnea Cost With Insurance?

So, does insurance cover Inspire for sleep apnea? Most major insurance companies reimburse the cost for Inspire, whether it’s through a covered policy or approved on an individual basis. Talk to your doctor and insurance provider if you have questions and to see whether you’ll pay any out-of-pocket costs before or after the procedure.

Learn More With Pasha Snoring & Sinus Center

Do you have any more questions about the Inspire sleep apnea device or procedure? Are you interested in other alternative sleep apnea solutions? 

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